Learn a language in an interactive and effective way

The way we experience life and acquire knowledge has enormously change nowadays.

Those days, where you just sat, listen and repeat what your teacher taught you are really old and above all this method is everything - booooring! - but effective. The alternative to learn any skill today is: Coaching.

Coaching has gone from fad to fundamental. People and organizations have come to understand how valuable it can be, and they’re adding “the ability to coach and develop others”. In theory, this means more self-development and plain efficiency.

Unfortunately, few teachers and experts know how to make coaching work.

LinguaPro offers you Language Coaching courses, which are focused on helping another person learn in ways that let him or her keep growing afterward. It is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals.

Generally speaking, our purpose is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs and set and achieve real goals.

So why don’t you try our coaching method. We all need some guidance on the whys and hows of coaching, our company has discovered the need to learn and acquire new skills in a non-conventional way.
Let us coach you and your Company and boost your personal and collective success!

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